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The in Creasing Rise of technology and the emergence of new systems, as well the in Fluence of these systems in everyday life Especially in homes and buildings and their benefits including preventing waste of energy. Ease of use. Can be The Reliability and enhancement of their beauty and efficiency has led us to take advantage of these unique systems and benefits. They will benefit In this regard, the Hamedi Industrial and Industrial Group (Vista-Win), with its several years of experience in decorating And the building as well as the manufacturer of modern curtain systems is planning the most advanced and modern systems Day of the World in the field of different types of curtains as one of the ways to create a modern life and in accordance with the advancement of technology in Your home and work. Vista Products Products: - Aluminum blind shutter inside double glazed glass - A typical aluminum blind shutter in four simple layers. Warrior Volumes and batons are produced * Warty curtains are suitable for doors, so that they are connected to a plastic piece and attached It opens and closes.

* The slates are 16 and 25 millimeters - Zebra and night and day curtains (double) in a variety of designs and colors - Various types of lattices in the window and window like a pile. Rowling Asking and ..... - Different kinds of curtains which have different designs and colors and can be installed in double-glazed windows. - Production of all kinds of aluminum profiles of simple shutters and curtains in double-glazed windows and profiles of curtains of zebra and day and night . Aluminum frame of various types